Motivation Lecture Essay

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Contemporary Management Prepared By: Dr. Riham Adel E-mail: Leadership and Motivation Motivation Theories are about “why” and “how” of a Behavior What is Motivation? The psychological process that determines the direction and purpose of a person’s behavior in an organization, a person’s level of effort, and a person’s level of persistence in face of obstacles The Motivation Equation Managers strive to motivate members of an organization to contribute inputs through motivating them to achieve the organization’s goals. How do managers Motivate Workforce? Early Theories of Motivation Prepared by: Dr. Riham Adel Maslow Hierarchy of Needs Maslow’s message was simple people always have needs and when one need is fulfilled, others emerge in a predictable sequence (Progression) . Satisfied needs will no longer motivate (Deficit). Needs Examples Selfactualization Realize one’s full potential Feel good about oneself Use abilities to the fullest Promotions and recognition Social Social interaction, love Interpersonal relations, parties Safety Highest Level Needs Description Security, stability Job security, health insurance Physiological Food, water, sleep , shelter Basic pay level to buy items Esteem Lowest Level Needs Prepared by: Dr. Riham Adel McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y Prepared by: Dr. Riham Adel Hygiene (Satisfiers) Factors extrinsic (environmental) factors What people do in terms of job tasks “Job Context” Motivators Factors intrinsic (psychological) factors  The work settings in which they do it. “Job Content” Herzberg Two Factor Theory Prepared by: Dr. Riham Adel McClelland Acquired Needs Theory (learned needs) Needs are shaped over time by our experience over time. A person motivation is affected

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