Motivation In The Workplace Essay

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In my paper I will discuss how the principle needs and the desires of a typical employee and how they will and need the organizational tools to help them succeed in their job and in life; and how the psychological forces can determine their key to motivational behavior. Motivations start with you, even if you are a manager or not .You can make the difference in the workplace. Throughout a day you can either decide to make the strong and right discussion to strive for excellence or you can choose to make it hard on yourself and makes things harder and settle for the middle and not doing your best work. Employees should have motivation and the drive to be and the will to do the work they do, because if not then why do people bother to be unhappy and miserable. Managers I feel as though need to and understand the key elements of what their employees and workers are needing from them in order to work well in all different types of situations and can strive to keep enthusiasm and others motivated in the best way they can. As back when I played softball my coach always told us “there is no I in team, but there is an I in Win.” Meaning people from a company need to not have one person doing the entire work load they need to share and work together. Organizational Goals that will help are when the top managers have to set specific goals for the corporation/business so that their lower level managers in charge and employees can stay on top of things as well as functioning with organization among their performance standards as a group. Along with this step they do this for the reason of coinciding with the divisional and functional managers to achieve their overall goal for the company. These goals can consist of somewhat difficult and also those that may tend to come easier but either way they do it because it is a challenge and will make them and the employees/managers

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