Motivation and Productivity Essay

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Motivation and Productivity There are various strategies employed in boosting moral and increasing performance. Most strategies used are of an extrinsic nature in the forms of monetary compensation or days off i.e. Comp. and vacation days. I intend to show and examine several of the various types of motivators used at my place of work and how each of these motivators effect moral and ultimately the productivity of the workplace. I will also show the negative side effects of some of the freedoms that make working there great to demonstrate that while some motivators boost some areas they can spoil others. Motivator 1 The first way of motivating at my place of employment is monetary compensation. Monetary compensation is the number one way of motivating employees in the work place and not just at mine. If you need something extra done you just through a little more money at it, this seems to be becoming the American way in business. At my work place everything you do above and beyond is in some way paid for. While encouraging people to do more it dose not make the work more appealing or rewarding. This form of motivation dose get people to volunteer for extra work, but dose not always work because more money is not enough when what you really want is a few more hours sleep on Saturday or time to spend with your family. This is the number one downfall to this type of motivation there is just a point when all the money in the world can’t get me to do one more thing. Money though can also be a intrinsic motivator as well simply by having some given with out normal cause. To just have some monetary compensation given with a simple thank you having not done any thing extra turns a normally extrinsic motivator into a intrinsic motivator. Motivator 2 The second type of motivator that is used as motivation at my own place of work is time off in exchange for
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