Motivation and Performance Management Essay

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Assignment 2: Motivation and Performance Management Joseph Setzler Professor Steven Englehart. BUS 322 – Organizational Behavior. Strayer University As the textbook states “Job satisfaction is a pleasurable or positive emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one’s job or job experiences.” (Nelson/Quick, 2015 PG 58) There are typically five things that people specify when job satisfaction comes to mind. The five things are pay, the work itself, opportunities for advancement, supervision, and coworkers. Job satisfaction is simply more about how someone sees themselves in the job. It doesn’t focus on the organizational but mainly on the performance of an individual and how satisfied they are in there line of work. Organizational commitment focus not only on job satisfaction, but on how a person see themselves with in the organization. “There are three kinds of organizational commitment: affective, continuance, and normative.” (Nelson/Quick, 2015 PG 61) Affective commitment is how strong the persons desire to stay with the organization is, depending on loyalty and a concern for the organization’s wellbeing. Continuance commitment is the tendency to stay in the organization because you cannot afford to leave said organization. Normative commitment is an obligation to stay with the organization because you feel that you should. Activision employs 6,900 people and operates in US, Europe and Asia as of December 2013 (Activision Blizzard, Inc. SWOT Analysis, 2014). Organizational commitment is more strongly related to the performance within Activision employees than does job satisfaction. At Activision employees care deeply about the organization and the people that work there. The favorite thing employees like at Activision is the people they work with every day (Activision, 2015). Activision’s success comes from its employees producing
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