Motivation And Determination In Wes Moore's Life

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No matter the factors one is facing in their life no one’s fate is sealed eternally. It is but the individual’s responsibility to alter their destiny using motivation and determination, especially when one does not see their path to be going in a favorable manner. The other Wes Moore did the opposite of this during his lifetime, leading him to a life behind bars. How does one let themselves get this far? Well, this is purely through the lack of motivation and determination spoken of earlier. The other Wes Moore lacked these two crucial characteristics in his life and because of this shortened what he could have experienced significantly. Wes could have achieved success, success that was his responsibility to accomplish as well as it is for other’s in higher education.…show more content…
An individual who was seen in this novel to have control over his own life is Wes Moore. These two individuals had no father, struggled with school, had a similar neighborhood experience, and even had a few encounters with law enforcement. However, Wes Moore ended up taking his dark background by the fist and dragging it out of road to destruction. How did he do this? Determination and motivation. Wes Moore spent his life after childhood in college, and eventually became a Rhodes Scholar. However, the other Wes Moore who came from a close to identical background simply let go and gave up on himself. He instead used the two factors of motivation and determination to be a part of an armed robbery where a police officer was killed. Unfortunately, the other Wes was a part of this crime. Nothing about the other Wes Moore’s life was sealed if anything, he sealed negatively

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