Motivation Essay

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Objectives: 1- To Identify the role of motivation. 2- To emphasize the importance of motivation for organizations. 3- To fragmentize the motivation through a human relation management concepts. Running a business is not an easy job but the most challenging part in it is to find and keep good employees. A business can’t succeed with effective managers only; employees are the base in any domain. All the highly successful owners know this rule and spend whatever time and energy needed to build and keep a good team. But how can managers start building a good team? First, they need to find people who want to succeed. Then, they need to figure out ways to help them succeed. It's a process that strongly needs motivation. Because also skilled and capable employees can lose their motivation and become unproductive. So owners and managers, need to do is find out how to keep employees motivated. Managers need to take some of the responsibility and not always put the blame on the employees. It's an equal partnership between employee and employer. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (2006) defined employee "as a person who works for another in return for financial or other compensation". Employees do not only work for money but for many other factors. People work because they have goals to achieve which decrease financial benefits from their goals. Maslow (1943) said that people work to survive and live through financial compensation, to make new friends, to have job security, for a sense of achievement and to feel important in the society, to have a sense of identity, and most especially to have job satisfaction. All employees that have job satisfaction are high performers in their respective workplaces. Motivation is the key word that helps employees to work without pressure. To motivate is to provide employees with a motive to do some

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