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MOTIVATION The study of motivation is concerned basically people behave in a certain way. The basic underlying question is “why do people do what they do”. In general terms, motivation can be described as the direction and persistence of action. It is concerned with why people choose a particular course of action in preference to others, and why they continue with a chosen action, often over a long period and in the face of difficulties and problems. There are four main characteristics that underlie the definition of motivation: • Motivation is typified as an individual phenomenon- every person is unique and all the major theories of motivation allow for this uniqueness to be demonstrated in one way or another. • Motivation is described, usually as intentional- motivation is assumed to be under control of the worker, and behaviors that are influenced by motivation such as effort expended, are seen as choices of actions • Motivation is multifaceted- the two factors of great importance are: 1. What gets people activated (aroused) 2. The force of an individual to engage in desired behavior (direction or choice of behaviors) • The purpose of motional theories is to predict behaviors- motivation is not the behavior itself and is not performance. It concerns action and the internal and external behavior forces which influence a person’s choice of action. DEFINATION The chartered management institute defines motivation as; “Motivation is the creation of stimuli, incentives and working environments that enable people to perform to the best of their ability. Robins Stephen P. in his book ‘organizational behavior’ defines motivation as the process that accounts for an individual’s intensity, direction and persistence of effort towards attaining a goal.” Underlying

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