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a ) How does the motivation factor differ in young learners and adults? Young learners are not self-motivated with regards to formal education. They are in a learning environment because they have been told to be there. So they need to be externally motivated. Adults on the other hand are in a learning environment because they want to be there and a thirst for knowledge brings them there. Thus the motivation comes from inside them. b ) What according to you are 3 most important tips for teaching the young learners? The three most important tips for teaching young learners would be Patience: It is important to remember that young learners will be distracted and will be unable to concentrate as hard and for as long as an adult Frequent encouragement: Young learners need frequent encouragement to keep them motivated. Frequent breaks.: As mentioned above, young learners cannot concentrate as long as an adult. Frequent breaks would help them in this respect. c ) How as a teacher would you utilize a 5 to6 years old child’s motor skill in the classroom situation? At 5 years the child must have learnt to write and colour within the lines. So writing and colouring are definitely activities which would be worked on. Other activities could involve cutting out simple pictures (not too many edges) and pasting them on a chart or stinging beads. Simple cleaning activities like picking up paper and cleaning his desk would also be included. d ) Why is it important to monitor the development in hearing and vision of a child? Explain its relevance. Vision and hearing may not always remain the same over time. Even screening at birth is not infallible; some children can develop hearing or vision loss after birth and at other times during childhood, Hearing or vision loss can lead to lifelong problems in learning, behaviour, and both physical and mental health.

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