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MOTIVATION AS A CONTRIBUTING FACTOR IN THE SUCCESS OF THE EFL CLASSROOM (from the 5th International ELTAM - IATEFL Conference in Skopje) Aneta Naumoska, Republic of Macedonia Before sinking into the topic in question (which I presented), I would like all the readers of this article to capture the ‘flavor’ of the 5th International ELTAM-IATEFL Conference through the following paragraph: About a year has passed since I attended the 5th International ELTAM-IATEFL Conference in Skopje, Macedonia, yet I can’t stop myself from feeling the positive impressions and critically examining the experience I gained from the many professionals sharing their wide knowledge of certain issues in ELT with us. “Creating a Philosophy of Teaching - Linking the Personal and Professional Self” was the permeating theme of this three-day Conference (24-26 October 2008), which by the end proved to be precisely the right topic at the right time among Macedonian EL teachers. Despite the fact that the Macedonians slightly outnumbered the international participants, I would without any hesitation say that this was a multicultural Conference with a Macedonian topping (the Macedonian cuisine was extremely delicious according to the internationals who visited Skopje for the first time)! Age differences, intercultural competence, extensive reading, motivation, debating, paradigm shift, globalization, all in the context of ELT were merely a few of the papers analyzed and workshops discussed in as much detail as can be done in such a short time. The amazingly-humorous Judy S. Richardson, Professor Emerita, from USA, in her plenary session opened our eyes as to research on the study skills of EL learners and made us more aware of the resources that are under our nose and can be used by EL teachers for both paper-based and computer-based learning environments.

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