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Marking Instructor: Student: Akmal Nasri Hj. Kamal M Hayati S Hamid Registration number: 08D0025 PP 0231 Learning & Development II Course name: Diploma in Primary Education Semester 3/ 2009-2010 Title of assignment: 2. a.) Define motivation b.) Why do you think that motivation is useful for the teaching/learning process? c.) Explain the differences between intrinsic, extrinsic and achievement motivation. d.) Do you think achievement motivation should be the major source of motivation in the classroom? If so, how would you try to promote achievement motivation in the classroom? Ever wonder why some people seem to be very successful, positive and highly motivated? Where does the energy, the drive, or the direction come from? Motivation is an area of psychology that has a great deal of attention, especially in the recent years. The reason is because we all want to be successful, we all want direction and drive, and we all want to be seen as motivated and positive. There are several distinct theories of motivation that I want to elaborate in the paragraphs below. What Is Motivation? Motivation to achieve and to improve skills is an important characteristic of our and other species. Motivation can be defined as the desires, wish, needs, and interest that arouse and activate an organism and direct it toward a specific goal that we want to achieve. Thus, we would expect the behavior of a motivated organism to differ sharply from that of an unmotivated organism. For example, a teacher told to her weak student that he had much progress, and this increased his motivation to keep learning. Similarly, a girl who always scores high mark during the test will keep her on maintaining or even improving her effective studying habit. A number of terms have been used to refer to children’s motivation to achieve objectives: mastery motivation,

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