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“How management of ‘RED ROSE’ will be able to identify problem employee and motivate their staff?” This project is undertaken as a partial fulfillment of Post graduation diploma in Management (DMS). The core theme of the project is aimed to critically analyze all the factors behind the effective & efficient people management by motivate the staff in a proper way. Case Study: Red rose is a very old Indian restaurant in surbiton. It is running its business from about 20 years. So among the local community it has a well reputation. Before it was the only restaurant in this area .But in last few years a good number of new restaurants have established in surbiton. Those restaurants are also doing well and already few of them have become good competitors of red rose. So to keep the progress of the restaurant steady Red Rose is planning to bring some improvement in their business. Among those improvements and changes staff motivation is biggest priority for them. The management of red rose now realizes with out proper staff motivation they will not be able to provide good service and it will be hard to stay in competition. What is staff motivation? In simple English we can tell something that encourages an employee to work is motivation. “Motivation” comes from the Latin term, meaning “to move”(Smith, 1999). Many social scientists suggest that motivation is the psychological processes that cause the arousal, direction and persistence of behaviour (Atkinson, 1964). Vroom (1964) defined motivation as an internal force, based on an individual’s conscious and unconscious requirement which drives people to achieve.[]Staff motivation is the concept of engaging employees with the promise of certain rewards in order to achieve a positive response. This is a result of our

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