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Employee Motivation Employee Motivation In this personal motivation document a brief description of both situations in which motivation is demonstrated, and one in which motivation was not demonstrated is stated. An explanation of how the situations align with various motivational theories, a specific motivational technique that was at play in the motivational situation. Also in the case of the demonstrated situation, what motivational techniques should have been implemented and why, is described. The first professional situation when motivation was demonstrated, management gives incentives for meeting goals on monthly scorecard matrix. The incentives motivated personally to meet monthly score card goals, incentives includes a day off during the week or able to leave early two days out of the month. These incentives motivates individuals to provide the best customer service in the help desk department, by having minimum callbacks, resolving issues in a timely manner, and receiving good feedback from customers survey’s. The second professional situation when motivation was not demonstrated, management implemented a system to assist in troubleshooting resolutions. The new system became mandatory and part of scorecard matrix. The system consists of steps to take and questions to ask the customer regarding trouble. The system does not motivate employees to use this new system because employees troubleshooting were excellent before this system was implemented. The score reflect how employees use the system and caused employees monthly goals matrix to not meet for the month. The new system didn’t motivate to provide excellent customer service because not using the system on 100% of our calls, allowing the help desk department scores to fail for the month. The first professional situation aligns with motivational theory called the goal-setting theory. Goal setting

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