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Motivating Today's Workers Essay

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Motivating Today’s Workers

Nicheryl Akins


July 26, 2010
Michele Ladieri

Motivating Today’s Workers

      Health care organizations across the country are experiencing problems on a daily basis. Keeping employees motivated can be an intimidating task for any manager and is one of the most challenging situations facing health care managers. There are more than forty percent of health care workers planning to leave the profession at any given time, the country is in an economic crisis facing cutbacks and layoffs, and with a worldwide worker shortage in the health care field, inspiring and motivating workers to pursue their goals and fulfill their potential has become a focus of today’s management plan.
The Problem
Managers across the nation are facing tough decisions as they attempt to cut costs while dealing with increases in patient demand for services, higher expectations of quality and an increase in expenditures. The nation is in agreement that the health care system in the United States is in need of a major overhaul. The costs associated with receiving quality health care have skyrocketed forcing many Americans to go without health care. In response, managers have implemented such plans as increasing nurse-to patient ratios in order to reduce costs resulting in burnout and low morale among the employees (Karon, 2006).
As more health care workers retire, and as others choose not to work in their trained profession there is an immediate threat of a shortage of health care workers. More and more people are choosing other professions due to low job satisfaction, increased responsibilities, and lower pay. Studies have shown that about one-third of nurses today are over the age of fifty and with the aging of the baby boom generation there will be a tremendous increase in the amount of people that will need care by the year 2020 (Karon, 2006).
Management’s Role and Responsibilities
Motivation is the catalyst that spurns an...

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