Motivating Employees Essay

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One of the main reasons of motivation being a challenging job is due to the changing workforce. The employees become a part of their organization with various needs and expectations. Different employees have different beliefs, attitudes, values, backgrounds and thinking. But all the organizations are not aware of the diversity in their workforce and thus are not aware and clear about different ways of motivating their diverse workforce. For a manager it is challenge to understand that different people are motivated in different ways To be able to motivate a manager must first be in a position to understand the needs of the people. Humans are complex and understanding their needs is a challenge To many hierarchical levels actually could be a demotivating factor. As such it is challenge for the manager to keep the hierarchical levels to the minimum possible. Poor systems and work overload could be demotivating factors! A manager has to cope with the challenges of changing business systems, proper workload distribution and to keep the jobs varied so that boredom does not set in. A manager must not assume that he /she is visible but must ensure that it is true. Another challenge could be how to involve and encourage staff to participate in the decision making. Ensuring that the staff is motivated and stay motivated at all times is an important part of running a business. An Involved and happy staff delivers. Motivation is important because it costs more to replace staff than to keep them. Staff likes to feel needed and respected and keeping them happy results in their continuing to stay with the organization much longer. As such it is essential to keep motivating the staff. It is an important point on the list of priorities of an organization. Following are some essential aspects that need to be adhered to: Communicating

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