Motivating Employees Essay

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Motivating Employees BEH 225 March 2011 Andria Lightner There are many ways that a manager can motivate employees. Intrinsic motivation is a great way for a manager to motivate their employees. When you make the job fun and exciting that in itself can be rewarding. Many people go to work every day because they have to. They have bills to pay, children to feed and care for, responsibilities that can not be put off so they have no choice but to go to work every day to meet those obligations. By making the job itself rewarding you take away some of the monotony of the job and make it enjoyable. When employees truly enjoy the work they are doing it becomes less like a job and encourages them to put forth their best effort. This help productivity and ensures that you are able to keep employees and have less turnover. Another type of motivation that managers can use to motivate their employees is extrinsic motivation. This entails setting a goal and offering a reward when that goal is completed. By setting goals and standards for your employees you give them something to work for, a reason to try their hardest to get the job done. This can sometimes help employees to go above and beyond their regular job duties. When you offer employees a bonus or reward for doing something extra it can also sometimes help to motivate them to do more without the promise of a reward. Employees are people too and they like to be recognized for what they do, so sometimes the reward can be as simple as a pat on the back or a small bonus on their check, a special parking spot for a month, it all depends on the amount of extra effort the employee has to put in to get the reward. When trying to figure out which type of motivation is going to work best for you and your employees, try asking them what they would like to see as a reward or

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