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Motivated By Trevor Reitz Have you ever read The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom? In the superior book The Hiding Place, Corrie discusses how her family astonishingly approached the invasion of the Nazis. Essentially, I will discuss her family’s situation, how they protected themselves, the concentration camp and what I would have done if I had been in her place. To kick it off, let’s start when Corrie’s family took in Jews when Nazis suddenly occupied Harlem, Holland. Her father was in his 100s and was a clock maker. The family owned a watch shop that was used as a front to hide the Jews. They hired a famous architect to make a hiding place in the walls of Corrie’s bedroom. Additionally, the family found other hiding places for the horrified Jews when their hiding place couldn’t accommodate any more. They used secret messengers to relay information between other hiding places. Numerous times the Nazis invaded their house looking for Jews that could be hidden there. One day a man came and asked for money, Betsy opened the door. Instead of the man coming back for his money, he had notified the Nazis and this is how they were captured. To avoid discovery, the Ten Booms carefully and cleverly developed an alarm system. The alarm system consisted of a buzzer that would ring throughout the house. This was the signal to hide. Cautiously, messages were sent throughout the underground. One of their means of communication was a special emergency telephone they used in case someone had to warn them or if some one died or if there was a delicate baby to be rescued. Corrie had a disturbing vision when she was sitting in her room. Presumably, she had this vision several times. In her vision, Corrie, her sister Betsy, and her father are seen leaving Harlem in a truck nervously looking back at her house. This vision of them leaving Harlem, as

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