Mothers Essay

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In clichés, it is considered that fathers do more work than mothers just because they were the ones intended to engage in jobs and they have more strength than women. In point of fact, mothers were actually created to be the strongest individuals in the world. To begin with, a mother was given shoulders strong enough to carry the weight of the world, yet gentle enough to give comfort. Bearing a child for nine months, making sure she and the baby inside her womb are in a good condition, and undergoing a very hostile and painful delivery is not easy. Hardships would still even persist when the child grows up. A mother could resist all the downside of having a child. She has the strength to withstand the rejections that many times come from her children. A mother also had the stability that allows them to keep going even when everyone else gives up. Despite of all the sufferings that she experiences, she would stay strong for her family. And granting most of her time is already focused in taking care of her children, she would still strive optimistically to look for more aids that would give her family a good life. She would willingly take care of her family through sickness and fatigue, and through adversities and melancholy. A mother had their sensitivity for her children under any and all circumstances. Children are ignorant and difficult to handle especially in their younger years because they still ought to know many things about the world. They would often demand and ask for the stuffs that are not such of importance. A mother is fixed to understand all of these misbehaviors of her children. She has the knowledge that permits her to understand all the actions of her children. Even though her children would often be naughty, she’d still choose to take care of them till the end. A mother had the strength to carry her husband through his faults. Nowadays,

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