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Mother'S Love Essay

  • Submitted by: sanjeetapandey
  • on April 26, 2009
  • Category: Social Issues
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Sweet little hand of newly born baby grasping tightly mother’s first finger trying, feels the warmth of mother’s love. Mother’s love is the first love any new born feels when he opens his or her eyes in this world. Mother’s love is something that is very special. It is made up of deep devotion, joy, pain and sacrifice. It starts before the baby was born and continues throughout their childhood and even into their adulthood.   As a whole we can say mother’s love is unconditional love. A famous saying state that “god could not be every where and so he invented mothers”.
Being a daughter I can feel the warmth of mother’s love. Even though I was small at that time, I still cannot forget that day. It was early in the morning, when my small brother grabbed a hot coffee mug of my grandma with his two hands.   Unfortunately, it slipped and the coffee spilled all over his body. All his skin got peeled off and he got bums all over the body. For about one month, he was not able to sleep properly. Mom woke up the whole night to comfort him. She pampered him on her lap whole night so that he could sleep. It would have been very hard for him to overcome that moment of pain without mom’s love and care.
The great thing about the mother’s love is that they love their kids equally. It doesn’t matter how they are and what they did. Approximately 6 years ago my aunt gave birth to 36 weeks premature twins’ baby. The big baby of them had the normal weight and everything. So the doctor handed that baby to the aunt. But the small baby was under weight and he needs extra care and effort, so the doctor decided to keep the baby inside the incubator for a week. In between these seven days of week, I saw how my aunt was worried for the small baby, even though she had a baby on her lap. She used to cry and pray to the god for the health and fast recovery of the small baby. She took care of the big baby, as well as she was thinking for the small baby continuously. This situation...

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