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William Cardenas English Mother Tongue My Mother Tongue is a story about a young lady that is second generation in her family and has grown up in the United States. Growing up in an Asian house hold with her parents coming from China learning the language was a lot harder than a person who’s parents were born in the United States. This constructed a family known language that could be understood a hundred percent by their siblings. One of the siblings was Amy Tan, it came to her attention that her mom’s English wasn’t that clear and lacked grammar. She made a book which was about her writing, her life, and of course her book. She included many English’s that are used till this day in different immigrant households and how some people can understand their type of English and others don’t. Amy Tan describes how growing up her mother’s limited English limited her perception of her. She would sometimes feel ashamed of her English because it reflected upon others in restaurants, banks, or department stores. In Mother Tongue Amy made a great point when she spoke about how when she was fifteen years old her mother would have her call people on the phone and pretend it was her in order to ask and receive the correct information she needed. “I think my mother’s English almost had an effect on limiting my possibilities in life as well.” In this quote Amy is discussing that because English is not her first language it could have jeopardizes her future in school and how she would educate herself all throughout college. Most people can relate to this because she already has disadvantage growing up and attending school as a young

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