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One of the most interesting and I consider as a great leader and in the world history is Mother Teresa ,The Icon of Peace , Love and Compassion or Mother Of The Sick Profile (Biography) of Mother Teresa Name : Agnes Gonxa Bojaxhiu (Catholic nun,Teresa) (also known as the Icon Of The Peace, Love and Compassion; Mother Of The Sick, , destitute as well as impoverished) Date Of Birth : August, 7,1910 Place Of Birth : Skopje, Macedonia Siblings : Youngest of 3 Children of Nikola Bojaxhiu (a contactor and Albanian Grocer) and Dranatile Bojaxhiu. Sister : Aga Bojaxhiu Brother : Lazar Bojaxhiu Nationality : Albanian ( Indian ) Deceased : September 5, 1997, Calcutta India at the age of 87 years old. Work And Achievement ( Global Recognition) During her lifetime servise on Humanitarian she had recieved abaout 124 prestigous award including 1. “Padmashree Award” (in 1962 from President Of India) 2. John F. Kennedy International Award (1971) 3. “ Bharat Ratna” 4. “ Order of Merit” from Queen Elizeberth 5. The Pope John Paul XXII Peace Prize 6. Medal of Freedom (Highest US Civilian Award ) 7. Balzan Prize ( 1979) 8. Templeton and Magsaysay Award 9. Nobel Peace Prize (1979) etc Mother Teresa helped the poor and destitute people living in the slums of Calcutta.This Roman Catholic nun established center for AIDS patients in 1985 and faounded Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta in 1969.Her sefless servicces is recognized worldwide today. She also had appointed the Superior General of The Missionaries of Charity The Roman Catholic nun was the founder of Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta in India. All through her life, Mother Teresa helped and served people suffering from various incurable diseases, affected by natural calamities, those unwanted by the society and continued to be of service to the very poor. Love, humanity and helping others

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