Mother-Daughter Relationship In The Joy Luck Club

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Mother-daughter relationship in the Joy Luck Club Amy Tan’s Joy Luck Club enjoys high fame in the field of Chinese American literature. It mainly tells a story of four mothers, fled from China to America with tragedies and hardships left behind, yet all cherished good intensions and wished to pass them to their daughters born on this new land. This seemingly simple work contains so affluent contents that it can be interpreted from numerous aspects, feminism, post-colonialism, cultural clashes and so on. However, the eternal theme is the mother-daughter relationships, which is conflicting and finally comes to understanding and reconciliation. This essay, mainly focusing on Suyuan Woo and her daughter June, is aiming to further analyze the causes and manifestations of this complicated mother-daughter relationship. The relationship is by no means conflicting and it is not hard to understand. First of all, the conflict is due to the daughters’ attitudes towards their Chineseness, which can be normally understood as the Chinese character and traditional culture, in all, it can be understood as the temperament of a Chinese. Different from their mothers, the daughter generation is born and raised in America, what they have experienced is enculturation, and they are trying to get rid of their Chineseness and every influence of the mother generation. Far from knowing Chinese culture and without the awareness to know, the mother generation is alien and ridiculous to them. June considers her mother and Auntie Am-mei’s dress as “too fancy for real Chinese people and too strange for American parties”, and she even imagined Joy Luck “was a shameful Chinese custom, like the secret gathering of the Ku Klux Kan or the tom-tom dancers of TV Indians preparing for war.(Tan 28)” The daughter is not only ignorant to Chinese culture, but also initiatively wants to get rid

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