Mother Daughter Conflicts

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Emma Valek Period 3 Typical Mother-Daughter Conflicts in Modern America No matter what kind of mother-daughter relationship one may have, perfect or improvement is needed, the bond between a mom and daughter starts at a very young age. When the daughter is young, she wants to be just like her mother. Once the teenage years begin, she wants nothing to do with her mom. She is annoying, nosey, embarrassing, and always bossing you around. Then, if you are fortunate enough, once the daughter has mature enough her mother becomes her best friend again. During the teenage years is where most of the conflicts between the two females occur. Most adolescent teen transform from a sweet-loving, hug-giving, care-free, open-hearted little girl into a mean, angry, secretive, and emotional young lady. It becomes all about themselves and their friends and no longer hang out time with their mom. The teen usually feels like she is too old and cool to spend time with their mother. Mom’s begin to wonder why it is no longer easy for the girl to tell her all of her secrets and hang out time, and why they have to force them to stay home and talk and spend quality time together. Teen’s take out most, if not all, their emotions out on their mom. They express this through rude comments, slamming doors, and crazy mood swings. Mothers take all of these things to heart though, because, after all, they are humans too. Some other causes of conflict may include, family issues such as divorce. Teenagers tend to seclude themselves as it is during their teen years, but if you add divorce into the mix parents should be thrill when they get a hello. Many teens who go through parental divorce, believe they are part of the reason of the divorce. They begin to get mad at not only themselves, but the parents as well because they are tearing the family apart. Teens grow to dislike both or
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