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There is only one person in my life I admire, that person is my mother, Angela. Growing up I admired her bubbly personality and her hard work ethic. When I turned 16 my mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and she began abusing drugs. This changed her personality dramatically. She has been the only one who has been there for me, taught me life experiences, given me advice, taken care of me, and shown me right from wrong. Despite having MS and being an addict. I love her and admire her for all of these reasons. The main reason I admire my mother is she has taught me about life experience and continues to teach me everyday. Experience is what you learn as you go through life. Even through all of her personal struggles and demons she never let it get in the way of being my mother. She always found a way to make each situation a learning experience be it good or bad. She taught me how to be independent and strong. To never give up and to always keep trying. Growing up it seemed like we had everything we ever needed. Once I hit high school things seemed to be different. My parents marriage fell apart and they went their separate ways. In the blink of an eye we had nothing. I was moved out of the home and living with a pastor. My mother was devastated but she still told me to keep my head up. That things can only get better from here. She always kept a positive outlook on life even through all the hardships. She has taught me everything I know. Without her I would not be the person I am today. Everything that has happened in my life has happened for a reason. It has made a great impact on the way I see life, love, and parenting. Many people do not understand my outlook on the world. Why? They have never been in my shoes. My mother is my best friend. She is the greatest person I know. When life gets hard I always turn to her for advice. She knows

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