Most Significant Place

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My most significant place Thinking of my most significant place halts all noise in my conscious. A swirling down play of Traffic noise, screeching tires, bogging hum of city busses carting through town. On the air, a buzzing energy from towers, electricity, and the whooshing winds off building’s carrying noise pollution through out my surroundings stops. Feelings of anxiety and strain peel away as if to remind me the chaotic world filled with rush and obligation I have left. Calm now I hear the distinct sound of healthy black sole giving under my steps. Light brushes of wild sage and thicket flick off my clothing as I continue. The smells from fresh snapped twigs of each, swill up and around me. Cool and gentle whips of clean crisp air find its way through my bones. Not, familiar to any city I have known, my lungs fill with it and release months of turmoil and bad karma. Reflections of hundreds of years of evolution and growth crowd each other forming as we all know it, a picture perfect setting in the crystal clear lake ahead. Tall trees filled with plush green foliage and brilliantly colored peddled wild flowers show themselves. The smell of pine is strong and cleansing through the vast woodlands. Small trees and wild flowers hug all available soil around. A booming of life is apparent where ever I walk. Through the tops of the lush trees and canopied growth of the forest, I see graceful hawks gliding silently through the air. Their movement quick and precise, as they navigate themselves to there next adventure. Almost serine in their attempts a vast number of insects systematically proceed through their daily routines not paying me any mind at all. Off in the distance chip monks and other varieties of birds chirp, whistle and click to one another. A collective balance of communication among animals alerts my presence. Aware of my life
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