Most Insidious Words

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“We and them” maybe the most insidious words in the English language. Why? Many people may ask that question. How could words used everyday be so insidious without them even knowing? Let me start off by letting you know my side of this, first by saying that I agree with this statement. The reasons why I believe these words are so insidious are because they separate people from others and they put people into their own categories or they label people. In order to either disagree or agree with this you have to know what insidious means. A word that I use to explain insidious is sinister. Many people may say insidious is such a strong word for two harmless words. But these words can be harmful to many people. I like to call them dangerous words because they put people in their own category. They show the separation between people even now in the days that we believe that we are all equal. “We and them” are words that people use in everyday life and they have no clue that they are so insidious. So I am now going to elucidate my reasons for feeling the way that I feel about these two words. The words “we and them” can separate people from others without them even knowing it. And they can also put people into their own categories. An example of how these words separate people from others is, at times, racism. If a group of whites were to eat in a restaurant and had to sit next to a group of black people, If the whites were to say “we” don’t want to sit next to “them” they would be separating themselves from the blacks by the choice of words they chose by calling the blacks “them.” That can be very hurtful to most people. In this way it sounds to be very racist without the whites having to even say they are. Another example of this is if two schools were scheduled to go on a trip with another school and the Ivy League school said “we” don’t want to go with “them.”
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