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Throughout my life there have been multiple people who have had a great influence on my life. My parents have been a great influence in my life, my pastor has also been a great influence in my life, all of my teachers throughout my education have had a significant impact on my life. However, i think that my friends have impacted my life in a way that those others who have influenced my life could not. My friends have always been there for me through the good times and the bad. I think that friends are often overlooked as being influencial in our lives. Our friends are our peers and are able to affect our lives in a way that our parents, pastor, or teachers cannot. If it was not for my friends I honestly do not know where i would be, what i would be doing there, and certainly do not know if I would be the person i am today without my friends molding me. My friends have taught me to fight thru the hard times when I thought all was lost and there was no use in trying. My friends have picked me up when I was at the lowest of lows and brought me to the highest of highs. They have taught me so many things that I could not possible begin to list all of them. The most important way that my friends have influenced my life, I would have to say, is by helping me find who I am. By finding out who I am I have been enabled to express myself, I have been enabled to understand what I believe in and what I don't believe in, I have been enabled to grow and mature into what I am today, and most importantly I have been enabled to live life happy in knowing that no matter what I am going thru or what I may need in life I can always count on a friend to be there for me. Our friends are the greatest treasure we can have in life, without them we are nothing but an empty and lonely soul walking the streets. I am forever grateful to my friends both present and past, who have

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