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Young adults my age become influenced on a daily basis by political and local leaders, famous people, and even family members. I am most influenced by my uncle Gary Millender. He’s the maverick of the family. He has had great influence on both my present and future goals. I can truly look up to him as an influential person. From his young adulthood until now my uncle has been instilled with the motto “work is only the payoff for what will one day be glory.” To this day, he tells me that same testimony every time we see each other. My uncle has not always been in the shape he was and he makes sure I know that work is not hard it’s only what you make of it. He graduated high school with one child and was still granted a chance to continue college at Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge. He graduated there and continued his education at Texas Southern College of Pharmacy where he received his masters. My uncle is not only an influential leader, but also a father of three, a great family and god fearing man. When in his presence I used to feel belittled but now we engage in educated conversations. I love the fact that he treats as his own and instills me with the knowledge that I need to be prepared for the real world. All in all, an influential person is someone that can be looked up to; someone that can give knowledge and encouraging words to help one when in need. My most influential person in my uncle, Gary

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