Most Important Scientific Discovery

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The Three Most Important Scientific Discoveries There has been so many scientific discoveries by man since we have inhabited this planet and they all have their effect on the world in a different way. But the three discoveries I found to be the most important are fire, penicillin, and electricity. It is impossible to know when fire was first discovered by humans because it was so long before our species started taking records. But fire is a natural thing and the actual discovery of it (like a caveman witnessing during a lightning storm or something) isn't really the important part. When we discovered how to control fire is what is important. Learning to control fire really helped the early humans to evolve because they could now cook food and warm themselves, things vital to staying alive. Who knows if the early humans would have survived without it. What if we had died out because fire wasn't discovered and our small population froze to death or got sick and died from eating raw meat? We are now the most dominant species on the face the planet but we could have easily been nothing. Our species could have come onto the Earth and then became extinct after a short while, after all, that has been the unfortunate fate for lots of different species. This didn't happen to us though, and I credit that mostly to the discovery of controlled fire. We may not exist without this discovery, which is why I place it at number one. I think the second most important discovery is penicillin. Discovered by Alexander Flemming in 1928, it helps to treat many diseases. Thanks to this discovery humans are healthier as a whole. We are better at fighting to disease leading to more people living and living longer. It may seem like an odd choice for the top three (I feel like a lot of people will have electricity and fossil fuels at the top) but I feel like it is one of the most
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