Most Important Person in My Life

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The Most Important Person in My Life The most important person in my life is Bernard Laufasa. He is my biological father. My father has helped me in many ways that I lost count. He has taught me everything I’ve known, he has given me all the things that he never had when he was my age, and he has always been there for me. My dad may be tough on me, but it’s all out of love because he doesn’t want me to make the same mistakes as he did. My father is a 47 year old man. He is six foot four inches. He works at the UPS delivery service. He was originally born in New Zealand and is full Samoan. He is married to my mother, Wanda Laufasa, and has a stepson (my half-brother), Nick Chew. He is my father and my number one coach in sports and in life. Ever since I was young, my father has been teaching everything that he knows. He has taught me how to be polite around adults and how to speak properly. He has even taught me how to count change before I learned it in school. Everything he has been and is teaching me is to prepare me for when I have to leave home. My father has been my number one teacher in all aspects of life and in school; from cleaning to being neat, to doing hard work on and off the field of sports. Growing up as a kid in this time period, I always think that were all lucky. We all have parents that have sacrificed so much just to make us happy, and we don’t appreciate it enough. Parents are paying for bills, clothes and food for everyone in their families, so some kids get more than others, and I was one of the lucky ones. My father has always bought me toys and sports gear, more that an average kid would get. He would always get me whatever I wanted, and I didn’t even ask for much. From Ipods to expensive baseball bats, my dad would get it for me. He believed that I should be playing with the best gear. I never really minded that I had least quality

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