Most Exciting Event in My Life Essay

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The most exciting event of my life Judith Isbell AC1307850 EN120.4.1 English Composition I En120 6_06 Jan. 10, 2014 The long difficult journey I had to take in order to experience the most exciting event of my life. My journey began on April 16, 1988. I was sixteen years old and convinced that I just married the man I would spend the rest of my life with. It was also the day I started planning to become a mother. I know what you’re thinking, “Is she crazy to get married and want a baby at sixteen!” Now that I look back at it, I was a little crazy, but it was all I wanted. I had a few friends who had already had babies and I wanted to be a part of that group. I just assumed that as soon as I got married the baby would come along shortly after that, but boy was I wrong. I found out that it wasn’t as easy for me to have a baby as it was my friends. Month after month I prayed for a baby, and cried when I didn’t get it. After six months of trying I finally went to the doctor who told me I had to try for a full year before I would be classified as having fertility problems. He did go ahead and do a sperm count on my husband to see where we stood there, and his test came back normal. We now knew that I was the defective one, and I had to wait six more months before I could start trying to find my defect. I patiently waited as the next six months passed so I could find my problem. After I hit the six month mark there I was sitting in my doctor’s office waiting to see why I couldn’t get pregnant. My doctor gave me the run down on the infertility treatment process, and that it could end up being a very long road, but we would start with a physical and lab work up. At the end of the visit, he called me into his office and told me that I was not eligible for the treatment because I was already pregnant. All the heartache I had suffered the past year was

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