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Richard Connell, in his short story titled, “The Most Dangerous Game” writes about an accomplished hunter who can not imagine, not is his wildest dreams, that he is the game of another decorated hunter. The author uses imagery and descriptive comparisons to initiate and develop the story’s theme. As the theme of the story unfolds the author digs a plot, creating a landscape in which the reader grows to believe in one outcome, only to realize what was planted is not what blooms. The author allows us to walk down the path with a main character named Rainsford and realize when the character realizes what seems to be isn’t always what is. If one were to cite a cliché one might state that the theme that Connell develops is “all that glitters is not gold.” As the author develops the theme “all that glitter is not gold, one sees Rainsford falling from the boat into the sea. At first one thinks the character is swallowed up by the barbaric and cruel grips of the sea. However, one finds out that the character makes it to shore and believes he is safe from, as Connell describes it – the enemy of the sea (page…show more content…
According to Connell, the main character, Rainsford believes he has made it to a civilized place. The author allows us to observe the surroundings as Rainsford sees it. Rainsford observes the house to be civilized because the house has a medieval, magnificence, baronial halls high ceilings (page 4). Connell further depicts the house as having many animal trophies. There were heads of deer, elephants, moose, tigers and other game mounted on the walls (page 4). How impressed the main character is of the game collected on the wall. As the plot thickens, the author landscapes a picture of “all that glitters is not gold” when Rainsford begins to realize that he is to be part of the game

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