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Jacob Ellis ENG 1201 10-11-14 Literary Analysis The Most Dangerous Game “The Most Dangerous Game” is a classic story between good and evil between the two main characters, Rainsford and Zaroff. Irony and foreshadowing cause mysterious situations throughout the story. “The Most Dangerous Game” demonstrates different perceptions of empathy and humanity. After falling from a yacht into the Caribbean Sea, a big-game hunter, Rainsford, discovers an island where he meets General Zaroff who lives alone on the island. Ironically, both men live for the hunt, but Zaroff bores himself with hunting animals. Zaroff believes in himself as a higher being with no compassion for lower human life. “The world is made up of two classes – the hunters and the huntees. Luckily, you and I are the hunters.” (7) Rainsford, once being the predator, becomes the prey and manages to survive for two days. On the third day, Rainsford is hunted by Zaroff’s hounds where he manages to kill Ivan (Zaroff’s slave), but plunges off a cliff to what Zaroff assumes to be his death. Rainsford swims to the castle and meets Zaroff inside his bedroom. Zaroff admits defeat but a more savage side of Rainsford comes out to finish the game that Zaroff corrupted. This story shows that someone’s actions can effected by their immediate environment. In this case, Rainsford goes from civilized to savage. Starting off for the most part as a normal civilized man, encounters terror during the hunt. "Hunting? Great Guns, General Zaroff, what you speak of is murder." (43) A normal, civilized person would agree that hunting for humans would be murder and wrong. To Zaroff, hunting humans is part of his normal life. “Rainsford did not smile. ‘I am still a beast at bay’ he said in a low, hoarse voice, ‘Get ready, General Zaroff.’” (89) Rainsford is showing a savage part of him with wanting revenge

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