Most Dangerous Driving Habits

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Most Dangerous Driving Habits When I got my driver’s license on last January, my parents would always tell me “not to text while driving”. After constantly hearing that from my parents and friends one day, I was so hungry I stopped at Jack In The Box and grabbed some food, and then I thought to myself that if I can eat while driving, I can do anything while driving, like talking on my cell phone. For example, one day while driving my grandmother called my cell phone. So I answered out of concern, because she called even after I had called to let her know I would be driving. I found out that my grandfather was rushed to the hospital for his high blood pressure. While driving on the freeway I was pulled over by a motorcycle cop for talking to my mother about my grandfather’s situation on my cellphone. I experienced my first ticket for a hundred fifty dollars and losing my parents’ trust. Now that I know how expensive the ticket can be, I now turn off my cell phone while driving so I do not go back to my old driving habits. All in all, there are several dangerous driving habits that drivers do: illegal actions, reckless driving, and distracted driving. There are several illegal actions that drivers do today. The first illegal action is not using car signals. When not using any warning signals, it could start an accident or even lead to serious injuries. For example, if the car in front of the driver does not use their car signals, the car in front may be rear – ended. Another illegal action is driving through a red light. When the driver runs a red light, obviously the driver is speeding up. So that makes you in a win - lose situation. For instance, if the driver sees the traffic light turn yellow, they should automatically slow down and get ready to stop. However, the lose situation would be like if the driver runs the red light. The driver is going to speed up

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