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MOST CONTAGIOUS 2011 Cover image: Take This LoLLipop / Jason Zada most contagious / p.02 / mosT ConTagious 2011 / FuTure-prooFing your brain subsCripTion oFFer / 20% disCounT vaLid unTiL 9Th January 2012 offering a saving of chapters / 01 / movemenTs 02 / proJeCTs 03 / serviCe 04 / soCiaL 05 / idenTiTy 06 / TeChnoLogy 07 / daTa 08 / augmenTed 09 / money 10 / haCk CuLTure 11 / musiC 2.0 12 / video 13 / reTaiL 14 / gaming 15 / pubLishing 16 / design £200 gBP Contagious exists to find and filter the most innovative exercises in branding, technology, and popular culture, and deliver this collective wisdom to our beloved subscribers. Once a year, we round up the highlights, identify what’s important and why, and push it out to the world, for free. Welcome to Most Contagious 2011, the only retrospective you’ll ever need. It’s been an extraordinary year; economies in turmoil, empires torn down, dizzying technological progress, the evolution of brands into venture capitalists, the evolution of a generation of young people into entrepreneurs… It’s also been a bumper year for the Contagious crew. Our Insider consultancy division is now bringing insight and inspiration to clients from Kraft to Nike, and Google to BBC Worldwide. We were thrilled with the success of our first Now / Next / Why event in London in December, and are bringing the show to New York on February 22nd. Grab your ticket here. We’ve added more people to our offices in London and New York, launched an office in India, and in 2012 have our sights firmly set on Brazil. Latin America, we’re on our way. Get ready! We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our friends, supporters and especially our valued subscribers, all over the world. We look forward to another great year together. The more information

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