Moss and Trudy's Cat

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Throughout the story Amahl and the Night Visitors, there is an undeniable connection between Moss, Trudy’s boyfriend, and her cat. Trudy constantly debates on whether or not to let her cat out, as well as searching for the truth about Moss. He says he’s not having an affair, but her gut feelings tell her different. When I read the first line of the story, I was a little taken aback and confused at first, but by the end I realized why Moore chose it as the opening. “Understand that your cat is a whore and can’t help you. She takes on love with the whiskery adjustments of a golddigger, ” (page 164). From a first glance, Trudy is writing a diary entry about her cat. But after further analyzation, it’s really hinting to the readers right from the start that Moss is cheating on her. Trudy’s cat represents Moss. He repeatedly tells Trudy that she needs to take the cat outside, meaning that she needs to let Moss go. She responds, “ No. She is too little. Something could happen,” (page 165). Also, when Trudy babies the cat Moss says, “Jesus, Trudy, listen how to you talk to that cat,” (page 167). This is interpreted that she is smothering Moss like a child, and he needs more space. He gives many signs showing that he’s pulling away from the relationship, but never any signs that he wants to stay. Trudy realizes this, but is in denial because she wants to keep their relationship alive. Trudy eventually comes to terms with the situation at hand. She realizes that Moss is having an affair, and was never fully invested in her. She finally lets her cat outside, and at the same time lets go of Moss. “No matter how much you love: nothing, no one, lasts,” (page
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