Mosque On Ground Zero Essay

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The Building of the Mosque Name Professor In America we have a large number of Muslims and a not so large number of mosques in the nation. Until recently building a mosque was not a problem for anyone, now however the idea of building a mosque in America now creates chaos amongst a large number of people. Muslims now wanting to create a mosque are already being boycotted against, because people are afraid or generalize all of them as threats. Not all of them are a threat, in fact the majority of them are not a threat at all. There is a young thirteen year old boy named Salim Sbenaty in Murfreesboro, Tennessee said “I'm as American as you get, I'm as patriotic as you get. I'm American all the way.”(Mosque Building a Hot-Button Issue in Many Towns, 2010, para. 1). Salim is just one example that Muslims are not exactly what everyone portrays them to be, they too can be true Americans. The way the some people in the nation react to Muslims however leave Salim to fear for his mother, he said "I'm always afraid for my mom because there are always a few stupid people out there and you never know what they're going to do, And my mom wearing that scarf - is a symbol of saying, 'hey, I'm Muslim.'" (Mosque Building a Hot-Button Issue in Many Towns, 2010, para. 2). Now this really is not something a thirteen year old should have to worry about, there are too many important things in a young persons life to worry about without thinking that their mother is going to get shot down in the streets because of her religious beliefs. The big debate now is the idea of building a mosque within two blocks of ground zero in New York City, leading conservatives have argued that while Muslims have a right to build a mosque on property they own, it would be unwise or insensitive to do so (Rove Equates Building Of A Mosque Near Ground Zero With A Neo-Nazi Meeting At A Jewish

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