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BUSHRA BAQUI HUM 220 – Report on Mosque Alert Prof: Anil Lal MOSQUE ALERT Mosque Alert is a play developed by a Chicago playwright Jamil Khoury. It tells a story of two residential American families – one Christian and the other Muslim - living in Naperville, IL who fights on a proposal of building a new mosque in their community. Jamil Khoury intentionally chose Naperville as the place for directing the script because two cases were already pending on building a mosque in Naperville at the time of making the script. The story includes six characters namely: * Charles Baker, a father in the Christian family who is currently running for the position of a mayor in Naperville. * Emily Baker is characterized as a liberal wife of Charles Baker who majored in Communication. * Carl Baker, a young 25 year old broad-minded son of the Bakers. * Jennifer Baker is an adopted daughter from China and a strong opponent of a Muslim family. During her college, she had a bad experience with a Muslim boyfriend and since then she has a strong hatred towards all Muslims. * On the other side, Mustafa Khan who happens to be the Imam of the Mosque. * Ayesha Khan is Mustafa Khan’s wife and the head pharmacist at a local Walgreens. Jamil Khoury has very well organized this script by keeping in mind all the beliefs and stereotypes that each culture has towards one another. In the world today; almost at all the places there is a conflict between different cultures. And especially when the Muslim culture is concerned, there arouses many opponents to it. This Mosque Alert is intended to bring awareness among all the other cultures and individuals who happen to be racist. Today, on hearing the word “Islam”; the first image the world has set in their mind about Islam is “Terrorism”. And this is just not right. I had the priviledge of withnessing the Mosque Alert

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