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Moses Maimonides Literary Works Summary

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  • on August 2, 2015
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Moses Maimonides was born and lived from 1135 -1204; he was born in Spain, but settled in Israel from religious persecution. In Jewish context, Maimonides reveres as one of the most pivotal individuals of the Jewish world and the teachings and his work considers being the cornerstone of the Jewish thought and study. During his subsistence, Maimonides lived vicariously though his Jewish faith. As a result, Maimonides is recognised within Judaism through his writings, his most famous writings are the Mishneh Torah, a guide for the perplexed and the review of the Talmud, the recognition of these writings saw impact upon Judaism. Through his writings, Maimonides established of the Thirteen Articles of faith are of central importance of the Jewish faith and the expression of Judaism.

The Mishneh Torah was finished in 1178, the term refers too the summary or review of the Torah. Its context consists of the Talmud and the Mishnah. Throughout his life, Maimonides continued to revise it. The influence of the Maimonides perceives as a positive influence upon Jews expressing their beliefs contemporarily such as the study of the Torah.  

One of the characteristics of the Mishnah Torah is its focus on all times, places, and covers all Jewish Law. As opposed to Hebrew Scriptures such as the Torah, which focuses on Jewish laws within the context of one time and place, such the book of Exodus, encompasses the holy land Israel and takes into account the destruction before the temple (Israel is under independent Jewish Kingdom). Therefore, Maimonides’ writings take into account the Jewish laws after the destruction of the temple and taking into account the numerical dispora.

The Misnah Torah was written as a supplement of the Talmud; as a result, Maimonides has articulated the Mishneh Torah to be bases of all Jews need to know about the Talmud. Consequently, the Misnah Torah   has developed and expressed Jewish beliefs, as the Maimonides reinforces the necessity and the...

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