Mosaic Law Essay

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Running Head: Mosaic Law Assignment: The Prophet Isaiah Todd Denhalter Grand Canyon University BIB-351 Professor Horne Israel in the Old Testament was granted various privileges by way of Mosaic Law. Strangers which were any who were not born of Jewish descent which included eunuchs were excluded of the privileges brought forth by this law. The prophet Isaiah would speak of a covenant that would end the restrictions that were placed. Now the Jewish people who had considered themselves as the chosen and favored people they also felt that not to be an Israelite was not to belong to the favored people of God. The Jews considered themselves as superior to anyone else on earth by divine rights. The problem arises in that they could not maintain their characters by rendering to the commandments that God had laid out for them. Isaiah had declared that any stranger who will obey God and love Him according to his commandments will have the same advantage of the privileges as would God’s chosen people. By this Mosaic Law, the Gentiles were to be circumcised as well as to follow the strict guidelines of the ceremonial law. This had been the conditions upon which Gentiles could be admitted to the congregation of Israel; but these distinctions were to be abolished by the gospel. (Polaski, 1998) What Isaiah was referring to was this new covenant which took precedence over the old covenant. Isaiah also talks about this “new covenant” which would bear some of the same characteristics as the old. In Isaiah 53 he speaks of how Jesus is to take our sins upon Himself. Isaiah 54 is speaking of a perpetual covenant of peace. Finally in Isaiah 55 he truly invites all the people to an abundant life with God. This in Isaiah’s eyes is the new Sabbath. “Come to Me, hear, and your soul shall live: and I will make an

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