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The Morton's Mission Our mission at Morton's The Steakhouse is to always exceed our guests' expectations. As we succeed, we expand our reputation as the World's Best Steakhouse. Core Values As the world's largest owner-operator of high-end steakhouses, we at Morton's ask more of the talented, ambitious people we employ. Encouraging genuine hospitality at all times, we strive to create a positive working environment where mutual respect and dignity define every action. In addition to other accolades, we have been recognized by People Report™ for our Best People Practices, which we strongly believe is due, in part, to our solid core values: 1. We value each other. Professionalism is expected at all times. We will endeavor to create a positive working environment where mutual respect and dignity is a way of life. 2. We will offer only the finest products—anywhere, any time, at any cost. 3. We strive to continually improve every day, by everyone, in everything we do. 4. We expect to be profitable. We all contribute to the financial well being of our business through value-added work (working smart), controlling costs and driving sales. The Morton's Culture Driven by the desire to provide genuine hospitality—for our guests and our employees—we offer a setting where people truly care about one another, and show it in everything they do. The high level of respect and enthusiasm that runs through our entire organization is evident in many ways, including the longevity of our staff and managers, some of whom have been with us for decades. From the very start in 1978, at our first location on State Street in Chicago, we have been asking our employees to play a key role in our success: giving their honest input. We have used their contributions to build a national chain with several international locations. More than 30 years later, our success still

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