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The morality of rape Published: 12/05/2005 at 1:00 AM Good morning my topic for today’s presentation is on the morality of rape. “Ethical men have always been opposed to rape,” declares Camille Paglia, the brilliant iconoclast who has herself been accused of being a rape apologist, in “Sex, Art and American Culture.” But on what grounds have they done so, if this is indeed the case? I found myself considering this question after inadvertently sparking a minor eruption in the blogosphere with a post reflecting on what I consider to be the dubious nature of “date rape.” It is, I have been reliably informed, nauseating, vile and hateful to assert that women are capable of bearing responsibility for their actions – there are many individuals who sincerely believe that a woman must be allowed to behave however she likes without being forced to endure a word of criticism. This is called “blaming the victim” even when the woman has not yet managed to be victimized. And yet, despite reading hundreds of missives featuring varying degrees of hysterics, it remains a mystery as to what grounds these rape mythomoralists have for objecting to rape in the first place. The criminality of rape in this country is beyond question, but as I have pointed out with regard to other matters, legality is not morality. It is illegal to walk across the street when a specific light is red, but this is not an immoral act. It is immoral to seduce your friend’s wife, but it is not illegal. Furthermore, there is no shortage of countries where rape is not only legal, but an established policy of the government authority, so the criminal aspect is obviously irrelevant with regard to questioning the fundamental morality or immorality of the act. But which morality? The Judeo-Christian moral ethic is clear – rape is a sin, a willful pollution of a temple that rightly belongs to God. Neither the

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