Morse And The Telegraph Essay

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Morse and the Telegraph The beginning of the trials of constructing an electrical communication system started. However, there was a lot of missing information. In the beginning of the 19th century, a lot of physical discoveries were made, like electromagnetic (Anton A. Huurdeman, 2003). These physical discoveries were the key of how to construct the electrical communication system. With this new information, the understanding of how to create a telegraph and how it can work was available. Samuel Morse was born in 1791 to a known Federalist and Calvinist family, he had what he can wish for from America and Europe and what they can offer (Menahem Blondheim, 1844–1897). Son of a valued clergyman and academic, and grew in a loving and caring family. He was educated at Phillips Academy at Andover and at Yale College with the smartest people and brightest in America. While he was in college he used to paint smaller version of ivory and wanted to continue his career in art, but his father was against it (Oliver W. Larkin, 1954). He started his work in Charlestown bookstore. His abilities of drawing attracted the attention of the best artists in America and started to speak about his talent. In 1811 his father agreed about his painting career, and he traveled abroad to London to study art and portraiture at Royal Academy, as London was known for the center of the artistic and commercial in the Western world these day. Morse was impressed by the business the people of the city (Menahem Blondheim, 1844–1897). He worked hard at his craft. He did not only win prizes, but the attention of royal portrait painters also. Moreover, he was spending a lot of time at the British Museum trying to copy the old techniques and mastering them. Morse returned to the United States after the War 1812(Menahem Blondheim, 1844–1897). He got married to Lucretia Pickerring Walker and started

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