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Name: Student Number: Assignment 2: Morphology (due Tuesday July 9th) Save this file on your computer, do the task, fill in your student name and number and submit online on the course webpage. I. Split the words into morphemes and name them. Examples: prearrange → pre- (prefix) + -arrange (root) enjoyable → en- (prefix) + -joy- (root) + -able (suffix) 1. baking bak -ing 2. dismissal dis-miss-al 3. demoralize de-moral-ize 4. bushes bush-es 5. ferociously feroci-ous-ly 6. cleaver cleaver 7. retroversion retro-vers-ion 8. rethinking re-think-ing 9. lovelier love-lier 10. superman super-man 11. company company 12. runner run(n)-er 13. unexchangeable un-ex-change-able 14. antibacterial anti-bacteri-al 15. inexcusably in-ex-cus-ab-ly II. For each of the compounds determine whether it is endocentric or exocentric. Examples: armchair endocentric compound forget-me-not exocentric compound 1. sunshine endocentric compound 2. dragonfly exocentric compound 3. scatterbrain (meaning “a person unable to concentrate”) exocentric compound 4. backpack endocentric compound 5. weekend endocentric compound 6. doorstep endocentric compound 7. flat-foot (meaning “policeman”, slang) exocentric compound 8. fireplace endocentric compound 9. breakfast exocentric compound 10. red cross (meaning “medical organization”) endocentric compound III. For each of the words given below state the word formation process. Examples: AIDS acronym fax (from facsimile) clipping 1. okey-dokey reduplication 2. PC ([ʹpi:ʹsi:], from personal computer) alphabetism 3. took (from take) internal change 4. Dr. (from doctor) clipping 5. edutainment (from education and entertainment) Blend 6.

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