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Assignment 1: Introduction to Language and Linguistics (10 Marks) Choose any ONE of the assignment questions below. 1. Language in Education brings about the focus of the importance in using language at school in the teaching and learning of all subjects in schools at all levels. There are many issues in Language in Education that may hinder language to be used aptly in teaching and learning. Write an essay of 450 words discussing ONE issue in Language in Education that you feel to be a problem for teachers/students/ parents to be resolved. Explain and provide examples of the situations with pertinence to the Language in Education. Suggest ways to resolve the issue with relevance to the importance of focusing language in the teaching and learning of all school subjects. 2. What are Standard English and Non Standard English? Should teachers only focus Standard English and ignore the existence of Non Standard English? What are the differences? Explain your rationales. How can teachers resolve the issues of the prevalent use of non-standard English among students? Write 450 words to discuss this issue. 3. What are the roles of an English Teacher? What is the best approach in the teaching and learning of the English language (Prescriptive or Descriptive Approach?) Write 450 words to discuss this. REQUIREMENTS: 1. Essay should be written in not less than 450 words. 2. Include the assignment question number at the left hand side of your essay. 3. Essay should be typed written. i. Times Roman/ Arial ii. Size of Font 12 iii. 1.5 spacing and justified 4. Provide a separate page of Reference (use APA format also when quoting others). Students should refer to at least THREE resources (Internet, Book or Journal) 5. Any sign of plagiarism, the

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