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BOOK REVIEW Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl (1970): Type of work “Fantastic Mr. Fox” is a children’s novel written by British author Roald Dahl and illustrated by Quentin Blake. Setting The novel was set in England in the 1970s. The action takes place in the valley where Mr. Fox and the three farmers live. Mr. Fox lives in the hole which is in the hill. The three farmers live in the farms. Characters * Mr. Fox is a clever fox that is chicken, ducks and turkey stealing thief and cellar- raiding rogue. He is also a loving husband and caring father. Under impossible chances, he tries to save his family and the host of other animals from the cruelty of three vile farms. * Mrs. Fox is rather habitually portrayed as a stereotypical mother and plays a supportive role of supplying kindness and love to both Mr. Fox and their children. Mr. and Mrs. Fox work together as they are both dependent on each other. * The Small Foxes (Mr. and Mrs. Foxe’s Children) the four children are very brave and fine since Mr. Fox got courage’s after seeing the excitement and pleasure on their faces to work out his plan. Furthermore they are very hard working as they dig with their farther until they get their foods. * The Three Farmers: * Boggis was the chicken farmer who was enormously fat. * Bounce was the duck and goose farmer who was a kind of pot-bellied dwarf and beastly tempered. He was short; his chin would have been underwater in the shallow end of any swimming pool in the world. * Bean was a turkey and apple farmer who never eats any food at all but instead he drank cider. He was thin as a pencil and cleverest of them all. These are the three mean and wealthy farmers of the three firms where Mr. Fox steals animals to feed their family to survive. The farmers are fed up with Mr. Fox theft and try to kill him. * Badger is the

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