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Name: Roshna Khan Class: Environmental Science Period 4 Teacher: Ms. Cross Experiment # 2 Date of Experiment: August 27, 2012 Due Data of Lab Report: September 5, 2012 Title The Waist Circumference, Weight, and Length of Hand between 16 and 17 year olds. Abstract This experiment was designed to test which age group would have a greater waist, weight, and hand size. Subjects were measured using a weight scale, ruler, and measuring tape. Three subjects that were 16 and three that were 17 were used to conduct this experiment. Each was measured three times for each category to provide accurate results. The subjects were measured with a ruler using inches starting from the tip of their middle finger to the end of their hand to determine their hand length. For waist circumference the measuring tape was placed around each of their waists underneath their belly button and their weight size was taken in inches. Finally for their weight they were asked to step on a weight scale and their weight was recorded. When the results were received it was concluded that those who were 16 provided to have a bigger hand length, waist circumference, and waist than the subjects who were 17. Purpose: This experiment was conducted to observe which age group would have a greater waist circumference, weight, and length of hand and if it mattered that they were older or younger. Many people say as teens grow many things about them such as their physical state change, so to determine if age at all was a factor at all this study was conducted. This could help many people such as Scientists, Teenagers, and Doctors because if scientists know that age is not a factor they can run more tests and come up with more efficient results whereas teenagers will learn that as they get older their body does not change it goes through stages that have growth spurts and changes. Doctors would benefit

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