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Morphology Paper By Mark Holmes ELD 506/Understanding Language Acquisition and Cognition Mr. Jason Roche, Instructor University Of Phoenix The following is my interpretation and understanding of the reading of chapters 6-7 in An Introduction to Language and the handouts from the first class. One handout appeared to be from a book it was titled “Meaning and Ideology.” The second handout appeared to also be from a book and was titled “English Morphology.” Morphology is the study of words. The readings indicate that even among experts it seems that there is debate on what constitutes a word. When studied, the physical speech streams that each of us utter have no physical breaks in the stream of words. Words are perceptual units meaning that this endless stream of utterances can be discerned by the human mind as individual units. The action of speaking is causing words to stream into the air that convey meaning. The listener must perceive the sound and then recognize it as individual parts or words. This is a developed skill based on experience with the language. It is however, difficult if you are trying to decipher individual words in a foreign language. This is because this stream of utterances is unfamiliar and thus impossible for your mind to recognize the stream as many different units. According to the readings, the concept of words seems to be more of a need based on reading and writing. It is easier to decipher the meaning when the individual words are separated from the whole. There are two types of morphemes. They are free and bound morphemes. The example given on the reading had to do with tree vs. trees. Tree being a free morpheme and can stand by itself and have meaning. The s added to this morpheme is a bound morpheme, meaning it cannot convey meaning by itself. It must be added as a suffix to show that the free

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