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Malcolm Bey 11/9/10 My Mourning Routine Everyone has a routine in the morning that they will do every day or even for the rest of their lives. We also know that everyone’s is different and here is my mourning routine. First, when I wake up I want to loosen my body up so I would not continue to be stiff, so what I do is stretch for a couple of minutes just to get the blood flowing a little bit, because it seems like you have a lot a tightness in your body when you wake up. Second, I turn off my radio and some of you are probably asking why the radio was on in the first place. The reason for that is that I cannot sleep in silence. I hate silence when I’m going to sleep it is like nothings living and I’m the only one there so I turn on my radio to 95.7 and go to sleep with an ease. Third, I put on my sweat pants and my beanie because it is real cold in my room. I like to sleep in the cold so I usually have three fans on no matter what season it is, but in the morning I dread that I ever turned those fans on the previous night. Fourth, I go into my bathroom and do a number of things for example; brush my teeth, take a shower, and of course actually use the bathroom. Until those things are done I cannot complete the final step which is my favorite. The final thing I do is I got downstairs and pour me a big bowel of my favorite cereal and grab some cover and watch my favorite TV shows and that’s basically my mourning routine from beginning to

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