Morning by Billy Collins Essay

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I chose to write about this poem because of its refreshing change of pace. The speaker is so excited about getting out of bed and starting the morning that it made me smile at my own past, reminiscing on the days when I had no responsibilities but to enjoy my morning jo and to “catch up “ with friends, the order of my home and projects that brought me peace. Though when I read this poem, it was the middle of the night and I was overwhelmed with responsibilities, the tone brought me immediately to an emotion of happiness – as if I were there instead. “But mostly buzzing around the house on espresso” (line 12) made me laugh because my happy mornings always have a wonderfully flavored coffee (not small) to get the day started right. “Dictionary and atlas on the rug, the typewriter waiting for the key of the head” (line 13-14) gave me a sense of limitless possibilities waiting for me in each day. Of course, when the day is almost over, there is disappointment (especially if it is the only day off that week) that the hours are creeping away. Being a person who adores new beginnings, I cherish this little piece. And there is nothing that makes you cherish a new beginning more than describing the thing that precedes it. “Why do we bother…” (line 1), “The swale of the afternoon, the sudden dip into evening” (line 1-2) were the lines that opened the poem. They combined with stanza 2 to form a question (the only question in the poem) that set up a melancholy mood only to surprise you with the sudden shift of alertness and happiness in line 6: “This is the best- (sounds childlike) throwing off the light covers”. It made me want to “just wake up”

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