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There are 3 things that are essential in a Mormon baptism: 1. It must be performed by someone holding the proper authority (a male who has been ordained to that priesthood) 2. It must be by immersion (i.e. the person’s full body must be submerged under the water). This follows the example of the baptism of Jesus Christ in the River Jordan and also maintains the Greek roots of the word which translates ‘to immerse’. 3. The person being baptized must have reached an age of accountability, which in this case means that that are eight years old or older. Before a person can be considered eligible for baptism they must receive sufficient teachings about the Mormon faith, show their faith by beginning to live said teachings, repent of all their sins…show more content…
To be baptized but not confirmed is the same as never being baptized. While the first baptism is often referred to as baptism by water, the confirmation is compared to a baptism by fire. This comparison is used to illustrate the cleansing and purification powers that come along with it. Following their baptism a person will then be confirmed a member of the Mormon Church and receive what is called the gift of the Holy Ghost. This gift is a promise that the person will have the privilege to have the power and protection of the Holy Ghost for the rest of their life as long as they are worthy. As well as receiving this gift, the person will receive a blessing specific to their life. The person being confirmed sits in a chair (usually in front of the congregation) and 2 or more priesthood holders place their hands on their head. One of the priesthood holders then proceeds to bless the person, calling them by name and pronouncing the blessings upon them. Everyone else in the congregation bows their head in reverence and closes their eyes as if in

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